RISE2 Foundation

Providing safe and secure homes for families affected by domestic violence.

Providing safe and secure homes for families affected by domestic violence.

Our purpose

The RISE2 Foundation transforms lives. Our innovative program provides safe and secure emergency accommodation for women and children affected by domestic and family violence across the Sunshine Coast. Our RISE2 properties are more than a place to shelter – they are a home. With the expertise of our network partners, including The Salvation Army, RISE2 provides access to wraparound support and counselling services to give families the chance to Restart In a Safe Environment.

Our ambition

The RISE2 program currently operates 10 homes on the Sunshine Coast. Each year, we provide a pathway for at least 20 families to begin a new life, free of domestic and family violence. Our ambition is to build 10 new homes in the next two years, and a total of 50 homes over time.

Domestic violence doesn’t discriminate

women experience physical or sexual violence from a current/former partner.1

on average, is murdered by her current or former partner.2
almost 10 women a day are hospitalised for assault injuries perpetrated by a spouse or domestic partner.3

one in four children are exposed to domestic and family violence.1


How you can help

To continue the work we do, we rely on the generous support of our local community and corporate partners. You can donate, attend our events or become a corporate partner. Your donation will help us to continue to build, furnish and provide safe and secure homes for these families.


100% of our events proceeds go to the RISE2 Foundation. We provide the most at-risk women and children survivors of domestic and family violence with safe, secure housing and support services to help them rebuild their lives.

Our RISE2 homes

Our RISE2 homes look and feel like any other home in an suburban street. The properties are fully furnished with everything a family will need to feel at home.

“My son was 14 when I fled to the neighbours for help. His father had never hurt him, but it was terrible, terrifying to leave him behind, I could not sleep for days. Then my son chose to leave and live with me. It would not have been possible to keep him with me if I’d gone to a shelter. Our RISE2 home was ready, furnished and even had books and games he loved, waiting for him. I cannot say thank you enough to the many people in the community who made our new life possible, so quickly and safely. My son is doing well now in school, thanks to our support worker, and I’m going to study to be a nurse. We have a whole new life.”

Maryanne, RISE2 Family

Thank you to all our wonderful supporters

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