RISE2 Foundation

About us

RISE2 is an innovative program which provides safe and dignified accommodation for women and children who have experienced domestic and family violence. The RISE2 homes are located within local communities, which provides a sense of normality and belonging. We currently have 10 houses within the Sunshine Coast community for the program. Each family is provided with trauma informed Case Management by The Salvation Army for the duration of their stay, with a focus on both safety and recovery from domestic and family violence.

Our history

The homes

It’s important that the homes look and feel like an ordinary house within a community. Frequently, when families escape from domestic and family violence, they will leave their homes with little or no belongings. Our team ensures these families are welcomed into a safe and dignified home; with everything they need. We provide essential items such as furniture, bedding, clothing, children’s toys and more to make this transition as easy as possible.

How the program works

Referrals for RISE2 come from a variety of sources such as other domestic and family violence services, community agencies and self-referrals.

A referral is received by The Salvation Army’s Family Violence Service who work with the family to assess risk, safety and recovery needs. Coast2Bay Housing meet with the family around any tenancy support needs.

The family are welcomed into their fully furnished RISE2 home by both Coast2Bay Housing and The Salvation Army. The family receives safety and recovery focused Case Management for the duration of their stay, along with tenancy support and guidance. Families typically stay for 6-12 months to allow for recovery and healing.

Throughout their journey at RISE2, families are prepared for transition to longer-term housing, and supported by Coast2Bay Housing in securing this. Coast2Bay Housing and The Salvation Army ensure families have everything they need to transition safely.

What’s next?

Plans to construct 10 homes in the next 2 years.
Our ambition is to build a total of 50 homes for the program.
Extend the program to other local areas Coast2Bay Housing Group operate in.

Thank you to all our wonderful supporters